Posted by: Joe Palmer | May 22, 2009

Carrie Prejean and the Transformed Life

 I support Carrie Prejean, Miss California and runner-up to Miss USA. If you been under a rock and don’t know the story, Carrie was asked to weigh in on the issue of homosexual marriage during the contest. While that might be controversial, the real problem came in that the man who asked it is an openly homosexual man. She lost by the margin of the amount he wrote her down. It’s not that her answer wasn’t articulate. It was that it didn’t agree with his lifestyle and his political viewpoint.

There are many lessons to be learned in this. One is how standing up for our faith can be costly. Miss Prejean had a premonition that her answer would not set well with her judge. However, in answering she considered the One who would judge her last. Carrie also has shared that she started to give the politically correct answer, but in the midst of answering couldn’t betray her true convictions. Carrie’s answer was everything a Christians answer should be. It was kind, sensitive, but stated her conviction that she doesn’t believe marriage can include a homosexual union.

Since her answer, Carrie has gone on to become a spokesperson for marriage. It is apparent that she will personally do just fine without Miss USA. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t suffered. She has been called negative and demeaning terms in the public media. Apparently tolerance is only supposed to go one way.

Another lesson learned regards the scrutiny of our life. As a Christian, I am called to live by a higher standard. I am called to live a transformed life. All of us are, including Carrie. We live in a world that constantly challenges us to maintain our standards. We easily become so preconditioned by the world that often we don’t even recognize the standard.

Because of Carrie Prejean’s stand, the world is looking to attack her inconsistency in following the standards of Christ, and the transformed life of a Christian. Carrie has taken some photos which display her physical beauty. The world looks at those pictures and asks, “Is that how a Christian dresses?” Honestly, while I respect her answer and her conviction, the pictures and the bikini she wore on stage in the pageant do not reflect the ideal of modesty spoken of in the Bible. After the photos were released Miss Prejean said, “I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be.” Again I respect the statement. This whole issue draws us to this question: How do I live in the world and not be of the world?

All of us like Carrie fail and make mistakes. We sin. What we should acknowledge is not our imperfection, but that the imperfection was sin. We shouldn’t say, please ignore that, or don’t judge me. We should say, that was wrong and I am trying to live by a higher standard. We are saved by grace, washed in the blood, and sanctified by the Spirit, but our standard is Christ. Our guide book is the Bible. Our goal is to be holy as He is Holy. I fall short. I know if scrutinized, my life falls short. My prayer is that God grants Miss Prejean, and all of us, the wisdom to recognize our sin, the integrity to confess it, and the strength to overcome it.

Joe Palmer



  1. I also support Carrie’s comments and recognize the raw hostility of some organized groups to anything that opposes their way of life and that supports Christianity. She certainly is imperfect and inconsistent in some ways but she did not deserve to be vilified as she was.

    Some think she is judgmental but she simply stated her beliefs when asked. The alternative was to cower slink away from a defense of truth.

    Thanks for your thoughts Joe!


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