Posted by: Joe Palmer | May 23, 2009

Wal-Mart’s Stand Against Profanity

Wal-Mart’s Stand Against Profanity

One of the challenges of living in a world that is becoming increasingly more secular and less Christian, is how do I make a difference? One way would be to support businesses who are trying to be conscience about their influence, and to not spend money with those who are supporting things that are evil.

Yesterday I saw a way all of us who purchase music can support a company who is trying to do something about the profanity in music. Wal-Mart has for several years refused to sell any music that has a parental advisory sticker. Many singers and bands sell a version of their albums in Wal-Mart that avoids the PA rating.

Christians should appreciate the stand Wal-Mart has taken. While some will refuse to purchase albums from Wal-Mart because of their censoring albums, there are more of us who should support their efforts.

A word of caution: What Wal-Mart does is keeps albums to a standard above the PA rating. That doesn’t necessarily mean the albums they sell are all suitable for Christians. If nothing else let your local Wal-Mart manager now you appreciate their standards.

Joe Palmer

For more information on this topic read the article below.–61988870



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