Posted by: Joe Palmer | May 25, 2009

A Turtle on a Fence Post

A Turtle on a Fence Post

Alex Haley, the author of Roots, has on the wall of his office a picture. It is a picture of a turtle on a fence post. The obvious question is, Why? Haley responds, “Anytime you see a turtle on top of a fence post you know he had some help.”

We all need help. Unless you stay in your shell, like a turtle, then you need help. We begin life totally dependent and become more independent as we grow older. Yet we never outgrow the need for help. In fact refusing help is a sign of immaturity. Being willing to seek and accept help is a sign of inner confidence and maturity.

We need to remember that together we can do more. Scientists have proven that geese can fly farther and faster in flocks. Why? They share the responsibility of leading which requires the most effort. The goose that tries to go it alone is fighting against the laws of aerodynamics. Even when Christ sent out his disciples he sent them out in pairs.

We need to remember those who have helped us. Haley realized he would not have been as successful, without help. It is a mistaken to look at our accomplishments and think we did all ourselves. We also should acknowledge those who have helped us by letting them know that we appreciate their help.

Without God we are helpless. Spiritually we have had lots of help. Our greatest help of all has come from God. In regards to our salvation, we are all turtles on fence posts.

And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works. Hebrews 10:24

Joe Palmer



  1. Joe,
    I enjoyed reading this. It is so true! Thanks for taking the time to write.
    Blessings, Heidi Banks

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  3. Hi,

    I am Mark, soon 34 old, I teach sports in high school

    best regards ,

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