Posted by: Joe Palmer | May 27, 2009

Obama Takes on Abortion


“Fair Minded Words”

By Joe Palmer

President Barack Obama wants people who have a disagreement to stop demonizing one another. It sounds so good to say we should stop demonizing others. Other than the large word it sounds exactly like something a Mom or Dad might tell two siblings who are fighting. One can hardly find a way to disagree with the statement, until you connect it to an act and a way of thinking.

  • Should we stop demonizing people who are racist and claim that being a racist is their right?
  • Should we stop demonizing people who are abusing children and then say the abuse is okay.
  • Should we stop demonizing the serial killer who goes out to murder innocent people?
  • Does a rapist have a right to rape? Is it demonizing him to call his action a crime and morally wrong?
  • Should we stop demonizing the actions of Hitler?

President Barack Obama strode head-on Sunday into the stormy abortion debate and told graduates at America’s leading Roman Catholic university that both sides must stop demonizing one another. President Obama stated this as our common ground. “We can still agree that this is a heart-wrenching decision for any woman to make, with both moral and spiritual dimensions.” 1

The problem is those moral and spiritual dimensions. Abortion is the taking of a life, murder, it is morally wrong. It is morally wrong for the woman to take the life of her unborn baby in the same way it is for a baby once born. It is wrong for the doctor to participate in her crime. It is wrong for the nation to make laws that justify this act.

President Obama called us to use, ”fair-minded words. “ That sounds good but let’s put it in context. What would a fair-minded discussion have sounded like in Germany while Hitler was slaughtering the Jews? During that era there were people who had those fair-minded conversations. Many believers were silent in regards to the slaughter of the Jews. It didn’t affect them. It was men like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who after having escaped Germany, went back to stand as a voice against the crimes of Hitler that made a difference. He died at the age of 39 because he discussed the issue in fair minded words.

What would a fair minded discussion sound like between an unborn baby and its mother who is considering an abortion? The baby might say, “Mama I love you I want to live.” The Mom would respond “But I am in college and I don’t have time to be a mother now.”

Our President went on to say that we can work together, to stop unintended pregnancy, encourage adoption, and support moms who carry their babies to term. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t solve the moral dilemma. The baby is still dead. How do we come to grips with the fact that the #1 killer of unborn babies is their mother aided by a professional doctor. I do have a proposition for all of America. Let’s stop abortion as an act of convenience and then work on unintended pregnancy, encourage adoption, and help parents learn to be responsible and raise their children. If our president, the congress, and Senate will vote to do this, then’ I’ll be a part of the rest of the solution. Until we stop abortion is a problem with moral and spiritual, and eternal implications that will destroy our nation.




  1. An excellent and very truthful post. Words represent ideas and we cannot stop bringing our ideas to light. Remember, darkness hates the light.

  2. Great post Brother! Thanks for bringing the truth to the surface about an ongoing issue of calling the “wrong right and the right wrong”..Seems we (USA) have used religion to justify our actions as a “kind tyrant” oppressing our own at home and playing “world police” with others. Great post!!

  3. Thanks for a very timely article that puts the issue exactly where it is. Yes, our words must be kind, seasoned with salt, but salt in an open wound sometimes hurts.

  4. This is a response posted on my facebook page from a friend Lisa Hoskins at 6:08pm June 1. It is worth a read. Follow me on facebook.

    Abortion is morally wrong. Sadly, the victims of abortion usually include the mother. The enemy has been successful at a system that doesn’t even allow the mom to see an ultrasound.. and 87% of moms who chose abortion say that in retrospect they would have NOT chosen abortion had they seen an ultrasound. These moms need to know how to work … Read Moreagainst a system that walked them through the process with blinders on. The regret they feel later cannot be soothed by kind words.. they need an outlet to help other young women avoid the same mistake. Abortion is one of the saddest ironies of our time.. a woman’s” right to choose”, with sketchy information, led through a system that encourages abortion, then left with the sad and empty realization of what she’s done. The woman then is left to deal with the emotions of that choice on her own. I am past being angry about this issue.. I am just so sad for all of us

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