Posted by: Joe Palmer | June 1, 2009

How Much?

How Much?

Article 2 Dying to Change You may want to star with article 1.

By Joe Palmer

Do you want something more?

The most obvious answer is yes! Sure I want a more fulfilled life. Do you really? OK, at what price?

Nicodemus came to Jesus at night? Most likely, because he was afraid to be seen with Jesus. How would his speaking to Jesus be perceived by his peers? The wealthy young man came to Jesus openly, but it was the answer that the text says, caused him to turn away. He was not willing to pay the price.

That is the dilemma we face in life. It is a cost/benefit/willpower analysis that we have to do. We see it every day. It affects our decision to get an education, lose weight, take a second job, exercise, learn a language, master an instrument, and on and on the list could go.

I want it but, is it worth it?

Once Jesus asked a man who was waiting by a pool that was believed to have miraculous powers whenever the water bubbled if he wanted to be healed. What a silly question. Why wouldn’t a man who couldn’t walk, not want to be healed? This man made his living begging for help.

There are people who are content in their misfortune. Some unemployed don’t want a job. Some addicts don’t want to get clean. Some people who are trapped in sin don’t want to be free. Most want the transformation, but they want it instantaneously, painlessly, permanently, and without accepting responsibility for how they got themselves where they are. And one more thing, we want it maintenance free.

We want…
• a tummy tuck, not an exercise plan
• liposuction, not a diet
• a pill, not willpower

We’ll buy a con, because we have no commitment. We want our transformation microwaved, and served on a silver platter.

Often times today we wonder where are the people looking for spiritual transformation? Jesus knew. In John 6:66 many of the disciples stop following Jesus. In the end the twelve deserts Jesus, and the crowds whom he fed cry out, crucify him, crucify him.

The question is not what do we want, but what are we willing to pay?
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  1. I enjoyed reading this. Heidi B.

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