Posted by: Joe Palmer | June 5, 2009

God is Good

God is Good, God is sooooo Good!

By Joe Palmer

This morning as I was trying to dig out from all the clutter and fatigue of my life, I got an email from an old friend that I only know from the internet. I had sent her a link to my blog and she responded with an enthusiastic, “Joe!!! How you been?”

I quickly jotted back this little note.

Hey Lani,
I am doing great, I married my perfect match. God has blessed me with a new ministry. My son just graduated. My step daughter and son in law are moving to FL. My wife loves me. I got to hug my daughter for the first time in several years. God has blessed me with a new house that will be a play for us to share our hospitality. I know more is to come, because God is good.

I hope your life is equally blessed.


As I was writting the above it occured to me how very much I have to be thankful for, and how very little I have to complain about. God has changed me. The events of my life haven’t all been pleasant, but I see God’s hand in so many things. For that I am so thankful that I want to go anywhere, do anything, and serve in any way, that God wants me to.

I am not writing that to impress you with my spirituallity. Because sometimes I complain. Somtimes my faith is weak. Somtimes I miss how God is working in my life, or I just don’t understand, why things are, the way they are. I’m no monk sitting in a monastery in the moutains praying. Nor am I living in cardboard box donating all my money to the poor.

I do though see how God works. I have seen him when I disobey, tear down. I have seen him when I have a mustard seed, and I do mean a mustard seed of faith, build up. So I belive that God is real. I know that God’s not dead. I know he is active in our lives. I know he cares when I am lonely.

I simply pray that God will bless me with the strength to be faithful. I pray that he will allow me to be a vessel for good. I want God to protect me and give me strength against the attacks of Satan. Trust me they are real attacks. I see them and I know they are his evil schemes. “We are not ignorant of his devices.” the Bible says.

I want other people to see how good, God is. God will take a mustard seed of faith and build you a life that is special. I have seen how God can rebuild the broken. I once walked by faith in believing these things. I know walk by sight, because I know God has rebuilt me. I should say, is rebuilding, because he’s still working on me.





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