Posted by: Joe Palmer | June 8, 2009

The Secret

secretThe Secret

By Joe Palmer

Article #3 Dying to Change Please read articles 1 and 2 first.

If you are still reading, still want to change your life, then you understand I’m not talking about a program that can be paid for in three easy installments of $19.95.

I am talking about real change. It can’t be bought, and although many people claim to be selling it, their product is a fraud, and they are charlatans. The formula is not authored by humans. It is Devine. It can’t be written, it is discovered. The greatest obstacle to it, is our desire to alter it, to make it fit more conveniently into our life. We try to find a shortcut, and always end up on the wrong road, and reach the wrong destination.

One of the most common types of non-fiction books sold today is called “Self-Help.” That term is interesting, and unfortunate. How do the helpless, help themselves? How do the lost, navigate for themselves? We don’t need self-help, we need help from above. We need to go back to the one who made us, to be retooled.

Most people think the secret to change is a one of a couple different things. One is will power. Will power is essential. Whether you call is self discipline, self control, or perseverance. We are talking about someone who continues on a path despite the obstacles, or hardships. Thinking will power is the answer is like saying brute force is the answer to conflict. You may will yourself to greater success, but it will be at a high cost, and you may leave a lot of destruction in your path.

The other way people try to find success is what I call the golden bullet. The golden bullet is the magic formula to a problem. It is when someone says they have found, the never before found secret. They have solved, the unsolved mystery. They will tell you the answer is simple, painless, quick, and requires little to no effort. For a small fee they will share it with you.

The truth is discovered somewhere between these two lies. There is a secret, however it is not a secret. It does require control, discipline, power, and perseverance. The secret is letting God be in control. Letting him be our power, being guided by his discipline, and leaning upon his arm for the strength to persevere.

What your life needs is what the military calls a change of command ceremony. That is when one officer officially yields control of the army to another officer. You need to give control of your life to God. We don’t need another battle, we need to surrender. We need to admit our failure to lead, and our inability to solve our problems. We need to give ourselves and our problems to God.

Zacheus did this. The rich young man didn’t. Today you must decide who you want to be in charge of your life.

For another good read on WILL POWER go to.


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