Posted by: Joe Palmer | June 11, 2009

25 Random Thoughts About God

“25 Random Thoughts about God”

By Joe Palmer & Contributors.

Have you seen the “25 Random Thought about Me” posts that went around facebook. I never wrote the 25 thoughts about me. I started thinking about “25 Random Thoughts about God.”

I never finished it. So now is your chance. This is an unfinished blog. I want to collect and post the best of your 25 Random thoughts about our God. I posted the ones I wrote. Maybe you have some better one. I also want to complete the scripture that relates the point. So you can help me out with those too. I even need to look up several of mine.

1. I am extremely jealous, but that is just because I love you so much. Exodus 20
2. Although people accuse me of doing it, I never tempt people to sin.
3. When asked to describe myself to others I simply said, “I AM”
4. When people talk, I always listen.
5. Although the whole world is under my care, I always can be found in small gathers of my people. “Where two or three are gathered to gather in my name there I am in their midst.
6. I am technically a Spirit, but I have appeared as a burning bush, a cloud, a pillar of fire.
7. I don’t have an occupation but I have been a wrestler, and a physician.
8. I am not connected with HGTV but I do give away dream homes.
9. I am not a farmer but I own the cattle on a thousand Hills.
10. I am not into sports or competition, but if I am on your side, no one can defeat you. Romans 8:31
11. People who don’t love, don’t know me, regardless of what they say. I John 4:8
12. I am not schizophrenic but I do have multiple personalities.
13. Although people think of me in regards to many laws. I have actually tried to keep things simple. I first gave my people 10 laws, (Exodus 20) I later managed to boil that down to two.
14. I don’t judge people on their outside, I look at the heart.

I also enjoy hearing what is your favorite. Please just click on comment at the bottom.



  1. My favorite place is the heart of a child.

  2. Hey Joe, I added you to my blog roll… hope you don’t mind the “thousands” of hits that will now be coming into your website…. hah!

  3. I’m not a baker but I offer the bread of life.

  4. I have a pocket full of blessings – need one?

  5. “My love is the most powerful force in the universe!” (BLF,2008)

  6. I do not take race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, social standing, educational level, health, popularity, or the size of your 401K into consideration.

  7. I am not physically dead but dead to sin.

  8. I am not a negotiator, but I offer the ultimate peace.

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