Posted by: Joe Palmer | August 14, 2009

What is a Right?

What is a RIGHT?

The current political debate about healthcare is really about rights.

Do I have a right to food?

Do I have a right to medical care?

Do I have a right to a home?

Do I have a right to transportation?

DO I have a right to entertainment?

Do I have these right regardless of my being able to work, and not working?

Do I have these rights even if I spent my money on other things?

When do these things stop being rights?

Our founding fathers said we were all created equal with the right to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Nita Kirkland We only have that right IF we work and earn them. But, God tells us to help those in need and He is speaking to each of us, NOT to our government. This is what I think.

Billy Nobles Do you mean the rights given to us by our creator, or the ones promised by our government? The truth of the matter is that poverty is WIDE SPREAD, and a very direct result of poverty is poor health practices and no health care. WE the people obviously aren’t helping our brothers and sisters sufficiently because the problem is getting worse by the … Read Moreday. Does that mean that it should be the government’s responsibility to provide our health care? Not necessarily…but something has to change. It is not the right of a lazy bum to get a free ride, but it is our responsibility to come to the aid of the unfortunate.

Davis G. Ormaza Villegas they are not a rights they are human necessities just imagine a right to go to the bathroom….thats crazy

Joe Palmer By rights I mean something owed to you. In our nation every man has by our constitution the right to live, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To me that means I am not to be hindered from obtaining those things. Some people are now saying that people have a right to food, regardless of their willingness to work. They have a right to a home, regardless of their willingness to work. They have a right to healthcare, regardless of their willingness to pay for it, or to look ahead to provide it. Millions of our young people will do without health insurance, in order to buy expensive phones, and provide entertainment choices for themselves. That is a choice. The choice may cost them if they get seriously ill.

Healthcare is a necessity when you need it David. However, is a right? Does your nation owe it to you? If they do then who should pay for it? What if people refuse to work? I believe that choices and consequences are by far the better way to run a nation.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have a health car problem. It doesn’t mean we don’t need to care for people who can’t care for themselves. For the most part our country does that. In fact you can be injured in an accident and walk into any hospital in our nation and get care without insurance. However, if you have a job they may pursue payment later.

Why do we want the government to be our nanny? Don’t we want to be personally responsible and accountable? I have an insurance license. I have had several issues with health care problems in my life. I understand the dilemma. We do need some changes in the law. We don’t need socialized medicine.



  1. Comedian Bill Maher, who hosts the relatively liberal HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher,” questioned last week whether the American intellect is sharp enough to understand complex issues such as health-care reform. He pointed out half of all Americans don’t know how many senators their states have, nor do they know who America’s opponent was in the Revolutionary War.

  2. One brother posted a sermon outline about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, basically showing that the Christian has no “rights” in those areas.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  3. I think it’s amazing to be able to have this debate at all. That falls under the category of a “right.”

  4. You are right joe but im talking about right to food or righ to home , people have to work for getting those things .

    I don’t know how are the taxes in ur country but here in Ecuador all the things have an extra cost for example 12 tomatoes cost 2 bucks but u have to pay 2,15 bucks that 0,15 is a tax , if u take a bus it costs u 0,20 cents but u have to pay 0.25 ctvs that extra money that u are paying is a government tax so all people pay taxes , so a person always is gonna have a necessity for buying something even so u buy a little piece of candy so if u buy u are paying taxes , in this way there are free education, works, free health so the government gives u all those things to u and u don’t need an insurance.

    Rich people spends more money so they pay more to the state and poor people don’t spend too much in this way all people have the same rights however rights are socialized . French revolution’s motto was Freedom, equality and fraternize . the first rights declaration was inspirited in that motto as I know all the rights declaration of each country has been inspirited in that motto. But it doesn’t mean that govermet is gonna give u everything including food or home u need to work for getting those things

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