Posted by: Joe Palmer | October 22, 2009




Joe Palmer

I found a web site dedicated to excuses on it was one page of just excuses for missing church. Some of them were very interesting. Here are a few of my favorite.

I’ll go to church after I stop __________. A lot of folks were honest enough to know they weren’t going to stop. Others were mistaken by thinking they have to become perfect first and then become a Christian.

I don’t do anything bad, so I’m going to heaven anyway. This one stands in contrast to the one above.

I belong to the 700 club; that’s good enough. A number of people substituted a stay at home religion for actual church attendance. One person even commented, “I can worship God just as easily at the video arcade.”

I don’t go to church on Sunday because getting the kids dressed in their Sunday best first thing in the morning makes me cuss and curse the Lord……very loudly. Not sure how serious this is but many people made real excuses that amounted to the fact that they didn’t want to be inconvenienced.

My spirit is trying to lose weight and doesn’t need to be fed. A real smart alack wrote this one. He did understand the truth that people who don’t eat spiritually will starve to death.

It’s too cold in there, why don’t they turn up the heat. Followed by… It’s too hot, why don’t they get air conditioning. Many people made excuses that they simply didn’t like something: singing, preaching, and music topped the list. Interestingly, just like with the temperature, no matter what it was like someone didn’t like it.

I might get saved and have to go all the time. Of all the excuses I think this one is the most honest. Excuses are a way for us to lie and cover up the truth. Seldom do they reflect the facts.

In Luke 14:18 and following Jesus tells the parable of a man who invites people to a feast. The people made excuses. However, He did not accept them saying, “For I say to you that none of those men who were invited shall taste my supper.’” Luke 14:24

What excuses are you making in your life in regards to your relationship to God? Are you excusing yourself from sin? Are you finding what you believe are valid reasons not to worship God and put him first in your life? Do you have excuses for not doing what God say? Stop for a minute and imagine presenting that excuse to Christ on Judgment day?

Joe Palmer


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