Posted by: Joe Palmer | December 17, 2009

It’s Christmas but Easter is Coming

It’s Christmas but Easter is Coming

Joe Palmer

Christmas is almost here, and millions of children and those young at heart look forward in anticipation to this special day. To many, Christmas is family, gifts, candy, food, joy, parties and love. Although it is not the actual birth date of Christ, millions celebrate it as such. Jesus came to the earth, all Christians agree on that, regardless of how they celebrate it.

In a few months, another notable holiday is on the calendar; Easter. Easter is all about Eggs, spring, bunnies, candy, parties, new clothes, and celebrations. Easter is associated with the death of Christ. While many of the holiday traditions have nothing to do with the resurrection this is the time of year, Christ was raised. Christ died around the time of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

I want to remind us all that Christmas is here, but Easter is coming. Christ was born, but he did so for the purpose of dying. Neither his birth, nor his death, was an accident. We laugh at births, and weep at funerals. We rejoice in life, and sorrow at death. Most deaths are sad. Christ’s wasn’t, except in the suffering he faced, the sin of those who rejected him. However, his death was a blessing. It was painful, but it set him free from his physical body to be wholly a spirit again. It completed his mission. It paid the price of salvation.

His death was only temporary. You can’t kill the guiltless. Death had no mastery over him, because he broke the curse. Christmas came and Christ was born, but Easter (the resurrection) set him free and along with him, it set us free. As we celebrate the birth, let us remember that Easter is coming. His birth began his work, his death completed it. His life was sinless; his death unjust; his resurrection was real.

Don’t look too long at the baby in the manger, but look earnestly at the life of the man.

Don’t just listen to the song of the angels, or you will miss hearing Him weep for the sins of men.

Don’t just admire the gifts of the wise men, but the life of the only man to live wisely.

Rejoice briefly in the announcement of his birth, but live boldly in the confidence of his resurrection.

Joe Palmer



  1. Great read! Great thoughts!

  2. […] on Christmas and Easter. Joe Palmer takes the same two holidays in a different way in “It’s Christmas, but Easter is Coming.” (Lebanon Road folks, this is somewhat like my Sunday morning sermon, but it was written […]

  3. Joe this is an excellent article on Christmas and “Easter” …Do you let people copy your stuff to church bulletins…with credit to you of course?

    Would like to have the two lessons sent to us about “Who is Jesus.” Thanks so much for all you do on FB.

    • Sure I do Edna. I also appreciate it if you would put the blog site so people can read some other things.

      God Bless

  4. Ok and thanks Joe. I got off FB for awhile. Too many things to do in the next few weeks. Thanks again.

  5. […] It’s Christmas but Easter is Coming […]

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