Posted by: Joe Palmer | January 1, 2010

Blog Round Up for 2009

Top Posts for 2009.

This is my first year of blogging.  I hope to do a better job with this effort next year.  I appreciate all you who have read and especially your comments.  If you have a question about me or the Bible feel free to ask.

The number one topic was the series I did on drinking alcohol. I am opposed to alcohol because of how much damage it does it peoples lives.  I hope these lessons influenced somebody in a positive way.

25 Random thoughts about God was an interactive lesson which I asked you to respond.

I have three posts that end up in search engines.  “The Daddy Doll Under the Bed” which was an Erma Bombeck story.  An article which recounts Alex Haleys story about “A Turtle on a Fencepost.” The other is the question of wine and the Bible.

My article “Obama takes on Abortion” was picked up by a couple of other blogs. It is a Christian response to a political issue.

It’s Christmas but Easter is Coming” was also well liked by many of my readers.

I hope you will take a look at these if you haven’t already seen them.



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