Posted by: Joe Palmer | January 4, 2010

How to Have a Happy New Year

How to Have a Happy New Year

By Joe Palmer

Most people wish for a happy new year but why wish when it is totally in your control?

Perhaps that sounds too simplistic, but it isn’t.  Here are ten suggestions that will make your new year happy.

  1. SMILE MORE. Try to keep a smile on your face.  If people notice your smile they will be happier around you.  A smile on our face actually helps our mood.  You can’t smile and stay negative. Try it.
  2. DO A GOOD DEED If we do something nice for others it will help us immediately feel happy inside.  Besides the immediate pay off a secondary one is the fact that we are developing friendships and love that will create long-term happiness.
  3. DO THE RIGHT THING Doing what we know is right in our life always makes us happier. So avoid regret. Do the right thing.
  4. DON’T CRITICIZE OTHERS Critics aren’t happy.  Think about they are dwelling on something they are unhappy about.  Stating a problem can be productive. But being a critic and looking to find fault in others lead to our own unhappiness.
  5. EXERCISE Studies show that exercise helps release chemicals in our body that make us happy.  It probably won’t hurt when people tell you how good you look because you lost that weight you gained over the holidays.
  6. SING Sing in the shower, in your car, in the office… okay maybe not in the office, especially during meetings. Again singing creates happiness especially if you sing happy songs.
  7. PRAY Okay life isn’t always easy.  We have got to tell our problems to someone. So,tell them to God.  He won’t gossip them to others. He has time to listen.  So, talk to God.
  8. DON’T WORRY Concern is okay but not worry. Concern is caring. Worry is fret.  Concern is asking what can I do? Worry is feeling helpless.  Concern acts if it is only to write a card, make a call, pray, or give a hug.  Worry sits on the sideline. Concerned people are happy.  Worriers are not.
  9. HANG OUT WITH HAPPY PEOPLE If you hang it with unhappy people their number increases by one.  If someone around is talking about unhappy things, criticizing other, or complaining, change the subject, or say, “Let’s talk about something positive.”‘
  10. DECIDE TO BE HAPPY Happiness is a choice.  I choose to be happy.  How about you?

Joe Palmer



  1. Amen to all of that!

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