Posted by: Joe Palmer | January 22, 2010

Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts

Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts.

This is a fun interactive group class with workbooks.  The class is designed for newly married couples, but anyone can profit from it.  Topics include: Facing the Marriage Myths, Finding your love style, developing the habit of happiness, communication, bridging the gender gap, fighting fair, and becoming soul mates.

We are inviting everyone from the community to join us. This is a great way to reach out to your friends and to help them grow in their marriage.

Class will meet each  Tuesday beginning, February 16 at 7:00 P.M. and will conclude on Tuesday, March 30th.  Each class is approximately 90 minutes including a video presentation, and discussion.  There are seven session in the series.

Joe Palmer is the facilitator.  To sign up, call the church office, or leave a comment here.



  1. Is this every night from Feb 16 – Mar 30th?

  2. Good question Mandy. I reworded the article. The class meets each Tuesday for seven weeks.

  3. This should be an interesting class.

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