Posted by: Joe Palmer | February 2, 2010

Give the Devil his Due

Give the Devil his Due

By Joe Palmer

Ever since Flip Wilson passed. The devil hasn’t gotten his due. Flip had it right with his hilarious claim, “The devil made me do it.” The devil is the source of a lot of evil, if not directly, indirectly. Most of the time we see his genius and don’t even recognize it. So for a few minutes let’s give the devil his due.

1. The devil pulled of the coupé of coupé when was able to get people to blame a good God for the problem of evil.

2. The devil convinced parents to hand their children to the state to raise and indoctrinate into their humanistic Godless society all in the name of free public education.

3. The devil has pulled off a double play when he created abortion. Not only does he destroy an entire life of a child, he destroyed the soul of a woman by hardening her heart towards her own child. She must silence her guilt that she traded the life of her child, for her own freedom, or to cover up her sin.

4. The devil has accomplished a lot by rewriting our popular vocabulary: homosexuality became an alternative lifestyle, adultery became an affair, and drunkenness became alcoholism or a disease. It sounds more pleasant.

5. Satan is a master at reframing arguments. Abortion isn’t murder. Satan reframed this discussion so that the same people who will campaign to save abandoned and neglected animals, will logically argue that abortion is a “woman’s reproductive rights.” We don’t advocate for our right to euthanize our own children we simply say we are pro-choice.

6. The devil is great at intimidating the forces for good to sit silent on the sidelines. He causes Christian to fear standing up because we might be labeled. If we declare something a sin we are hypocrites and judges. If we don’t want homosexuals holding positions as teachers or scout leaders we are homophobic. If we talk too much about Jesus we are religious fanatics.

7. Satan has convinced us that religion is strictly a personal issue. We shouldn’t pray in public places. We shouldn’t protest against immorality in the business world. We shouldn’t share the gospel. Religion is off limits.

8. Satan wins when he gets us to blame God for our sin. A pregnant girl cries to God, “Why did you let this happen to me?” A person caught for drug or alcohol use wonders why God allows them to suffer for their sin. We even forsake God because we are reaping what we sow. In essence we cut ourselves off from our only hope.

9. The devil has been able to get us to target the wrong enemy. We will fight with other religions. We will fight with believers who believe differently in some way. We will fight against sinners trapped in sin. We should be fighting to resist temptation, unity the family of God, love the lost, and destroy all the strongholds of Satan.

10. Satan has convinced us to accept a watered down faith as a substitute for the real thing. Most people are content if they believe in Jesus and make to church a few times a month. Few see their mission as being in alignment with the mission of Christ. Thus few people in the world see the big deal about being a Christian.

Joe Palmer

I hope you will share your thoughts about the devil and how he has managed to deceive the world.



  1. Thanks Joe, Just wondering if the devil had an influence on those who DIDN’T WANT TO READ THIS.

    • Maybe Nita. He is real and out there more than we admit.


  2. Satan has always been willing to let others take credit for his work. Your article does a good job of pointing out what he’s doing behind the scenes.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  3. Thanks Tim,

    Good to see you here.

  4. Joe,

    Great thoughts about the devil. I appreciate the thought you put in.

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