Posted by: Joe Palmer | February 16, 2010

A Rose Blooms

A Rose Blooms
In memory or Rose Becker Langham

A sweet smile, her cute voice, energy, talent, and beauty, that was Rose. Every life leaves an imprint. It may be long, or deep. Her imprint was deep for the years she had. I’d like to share some lessons I learned from Rose. You might call them inspirations.

Rose was someone easy to get to know. She was quick to recognize someone new and reach out with her warm personality. She entertained many in her home.

Rose inspired me with her faith. Last year I preached on transformation. It was Rose who took the lessons to heart and said she was making a conscious effort to screen those things that entered her mind. She didn’t just listen to the word of God she applied it to her own life even when it wasn’t convenient.

Rose was a powerful influence on Justin. I can’t hardly talk or write about Justin or Rose without talking about Justin and Rose. There was little that Justin did, or Rose did that didn’t include them both. They weren’t codependent they were just a good team. They cared about each other. They supported each other. They cheered for each other’s success.

Rose excelled at life. She was plagued with an odd, undiagnosed disability. Her legs kept her from doing some things. She seldom complained about how much they hurt. I mention this to say that none of this kept her from doing many wonderful things. She hadn’t been at our church two weeks when she was fully engaged in getting our VBS together. The next year she helped lead VBS with Justin. She organized a banquet for our senior members, with Justin. She ran a craft business with Justin. She could have been a caterer if she had wanted. She was a gifted craft person and decorator.

She loved to do good. She and Justin decorated our PALS room and made it a special place. She decorated a room for Cathy, another Sunday school teacher as a surprise. She got involved in making beautiful butterflies (Cathy loves butterflies). It was her way of saying, I love you.

She loved kids. Justin and Rose gave a lot of time helping to teach and mentor the young people in our Jr. high class. Justin taught and Rose was the disciplinarian. This ministry wasn’t just something to do the young people were really special to them.

She helped my wife with a class to mentor a young Christian lady who had just obeyed the gospel. She helped us organize our Young adult group at church. She helped with so many things it is hard to recall them all, but she was always doing good.

Her last conversation that she had, other than with Justin on the way to the hospital, was with my wife. They were planning to co-lead our annual Historical Society Banquet. They were talking about this and other good works. Without Rose others will have to step up to do many things. I have already started mentally making a list of things that she did that the church will need others to do.

We knew due to the military obligations of Justin and their desire to be closer to family in Oregon we would lose Justin and Rose at our church sooner than we wanted, but we never dreamed of losing her so suddenly. The world, the church, and her family have lost a special rose. Roses bud and they bloom. Their fragrant smell lasts only a brief time. That rose will never bloom again but the bush produces others. I think Rose bloomed because the bush she was attached to was Christ. Perhaps her example will cause other to bloom.

Joe Palmer



  1. This is so sad Joe. Well written. I think I’ve met Rose in a lot of congregations we have visited over the years. 🙂

  2. what a tribute Joe..Rose would have loved the things you said but she wouldn’t have told you.She was special and as you say an ever blooming rose

  3. You always have just the right words.

  4. Your words are so true. I hope we all can take the bush she planted in our lives and let it bloom if not just for Rose but for Christ.

  5. What a wonderful tribute Joe, you are so much better at words than I. What a strong couple they were and an example to many. She was and is a beautiful Rose.

  6. I am the sister in law of Rose’s Aunt Brenda in Oregon. We are so touched by the words you have all spoken about Rose. I will be printing them and putting them in a book for her family here. Thank you. I would also be interested in any photos you may have of Rose. My e mail is
    Thank you,

  7. Joe, this is a great reminder to us all. I’m a friend of Justin’s from our younger years and didn’t know Rose much but always heard good things. I know he’s hurting right now, but I have no doubt that our triumphant healer has taken Rose and healed her pains and set up a place for her in Heaven. God bless.

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