Posted by: Joe Palmer | March 22, 2010

Who’s to Blame?

Who’s To Blame?”

by Joe Palmer

I was reading the news and saw a web ad with the caption, “Who’s to Blame?” Below where pictures of Bush, Clinton, and Obama. In the wake of the health care bill a lot of people are angry politically. The country is as now divided as it has ever been in my memory. It may be more divided than it was with Vietnam.

So who is to blame? Personally I am not a huge fan of any of the three presidents pictured. Regardless none of them are to blame. You see that is what we like to do now as Americans, place blame.

  • We blame schools for our children’s educational failures, but we are more than willing to let them be in charge of teaching them.
  • We blame big business for our economic woes.
  • We blame restaurants for our being overweight.
  • We blame hollywood for our moral decline.

We love to play the blame game but doing like to simply accept responsibility for ourselves, our family, our prosperity, and our health.

We as Americans have to accept the fact that we voted for the political leaders and have failed to stay vigilant about the process of governance.  We have handed over our kids to the schools to educate, to youth ministers to give moral guidance, and to hollywood to give them sex education.  We are the ones who keep the immoral movies on because we buy the tickets. We keep Madonna and Rap music going because we allow our kids to purchase the music.

So what is the solution? Repent.  You and I must repent and accept our responsibility. We have to make our own path, lead our families, spend our money wisely, and stop supporting the evil forces of the world.

So what do you say?  Are you ready to blame yourself and start anew?  I would enjoy your comments.

Joe Palmer



  1. You are absolutely correct..We have allowed this to happen because we as Christians have not stood up to what we believe in .We want others to call congressmen and rep. but we can’t be bothered.Let someone else do it we say.
    we allow our daughters to wear short dresses and low cut tops and allow our boys not to treat their girl friends with respect.We have given them everything with out working for it.We have not given them the value of things by working for it.We have not responded to abortions, adultery,
    drunkenness, lying nor have we stood up for allowing to take God out of our schools.We expect all these things to be taken care of others…IE those we vote for..SEE where that got us.

  2. You seem to have hit the nail right on the head. We vote putting people in office, talk about what they are doing, listening to others, but never going to those elected to make our voices heard. Also, i wonder how many pray before voting and for our government.

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