Posted by: Joe Palmer | April 9, 2010

After Easter


The resurrection was the apex of the work of God.
• The virgin birth gave us the Word made flesh. God living among us. John 1:1,14
• In the death of Christ, Jesus finished his work and the atonement that God desired was reality.
• In the resurrection God gave us hope. He showed us that there was life, after this life, in Christ.

But it didn’t end there, and if it had then all would have been for naught. For forty days Christ showed himself alive to the apostles, and to up to 500 witnesses at one time. (I Cor. 15)

The story started in a manger, was birthed in an execution on a hill, it was reborn in a cave, but it lived on the streets. What Jesus did became the story that was told, and retold over and over. The Gospel message rang out at Pentecost and traveled throughout Jerusalem, eventually the disciples were driven out of the city and they went everywhere preaching the story.

What if they had not been so faithful to share that story? It wasn’t that preaching the story was without consequence. They were threatened, beaten, imprisoned, even run out of town. They preached to both the hostile and disbelieving. To Jews, Greeks, pagans, idol worshipers, and philosophers. They confronted a world of different beliefs. Despite every attempt to silence them, and their message, they shared the story.

God did his work: He sent His Son. Christ completed the mission: He died on the Cross. The resurrection is the evidence from God to silence the skeptics. But all of this is useless unless it is preached.

Easter is over. It’s time for the believers to get busy.

Joe Palmer


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