Posted by: Joe Palmer | May 30, 2010

Wisdom From Dad

Wisdom From Dad

By Joe Palmer

Father’s day is just around the corner. My dad wasn’t a highly educated man but he was always full of country wisdom, silly sayings, and advice that was both true and interesting. Mind you, after you had heard them a hundred times it got old but I guess some of it sunk in.

I want to share some of these and invite you to send me more to post. I am hoping this catches on and people will share lots of tributes to dad and their wacky wisdom.

On working with boys. One of my dad’s favorite saying was in regards to trying to do a job with a boy. He often did carpentry work, small electrical jobs, and handy man chores of all types. He always used my brother and me for gophers, haulers, and various grunt work. But he had a philosophy about using boys to help with a project:

“One boy is a boy. Two boys is half a boy, and three boys is worse than no boy at all.”

On Money. Dad always had a lot to say about money. He was a good money manager. He never spent much on cars but we always had a good one. We never scrimped on food, but we usually ate at home. Mom was a good cook. He did a lot of things for himself because he couldn’t afford to hire it done, but he knew his limits and would trust a professional to do some things.

Dad’s biggest preaching on money was to save it. I don’t know how many times I heard the sermon, (that is what I called his advise that he repeated a lot) on saving 10% of our money. The other thing dad always did was give something to God. He was the church treasurer for years.

The one I remember most that I thought was funny was…

“Anything free take very little of it.”

Dad knew there was usually a catch, and there usually is. The theory is less you take they less you get took.

To Be Continued….

Joe Palmer



  1. Hi Joe,
    I hope you will have a nice father’s day this year.

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