Posted by: Joe Palmer | June 16, 2010

Niceville Church of Christ Bible Class

Our new Bible class program has really got our teachers excited. I hope this video along with the song reminds us what this is all about. Remember we aren’t finished yet.



  1. Absolutely fantastic job and very inviting to the kiddos and adults. Glad to see the innovations and your putting up there on the web.

  2. Joe! Great job putting the video together and posting for all to see.

  3. Wow. I love colorful and unique classrooms and a great “theme” for the kids.

    This is fantastic stuff. I know I’ll enjoy seeing this in person in August….I’m just worried that my wife will want to take so many pictures we may never get to leave!!!

  4. Wow!! This is really awesome, I bet the kids are thrilled to have these new classrooms. I would be! You guys are doing a great job with all of this. Sad I am missing it tho.

  5. Wow! A great job and awesome!

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