Posted by: Joe Palmer | June 22, 2010



Sunday Somebody came to church, so did Somebody Else

Somebody came to Bible class but Somebody Else didn’t.  Somebody Else had stayed out too late, and was too tired to make it.

Somebody taught the Bible Class that Somebody Else complained about being boring, and no longer attends.  Somebody had asked Somebody Else to be a teacher a few months back but that wasn’t his talent, he said.

Somebody lead the singing.  Somebody Else just sat and didn’t sing because he didn’t know the songs and really isn’t a good singer.

Somebody gave when the collection was taken.  Somebody Else couldn’t afford to because of their current financial situation.  Somebody Else said, “Someday I’ll be able to afford to give after I pay off all my debts.”

Somebody came to worship Sunday evening, but Somebody Else didn’t.  He was too busy with things around his house and wanted to spend time with his children.

Anytime you need something done around church you can count on Somebody, but Somebody Else is seldom able to help.  Someday, Somebody Else hopes to have more time but for now his schedule is overwhelmed.

Life is full of Somebody’s who carry the load while Somebody Else gets the benefit of Somebody’s effort.  Somebody makes everything around them better.  Are you a Somebody, or Somebody Else?

Joe Palmer

This article is dedicated to all the Somebody’s who make the Niceville church of Christ special.  We appreciate the people who serve the Lord in every way.  If you look around you see many people who minister in their own special way.  If you haven’t found your area of service pray about it and ask God to open a door where you can make a difference.


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