Posted by: Joe Palmer | July 14, 2010

How To Talk to a Homosexual about Christ

How To Talk to a Homosexual about Christ

By Joe Palmer

Last night I watched “Lord Save us from Your Followers.” (also available on Netflix) You won’t agree with all of it regardless of your viewpoint, but it is worth consideration.  In this documentary Dan Merchant walks through cities in America dressed in a white jumpsuit covered with bumper stickers.  He is searching for an honest conversation about God and asks people to pick the bumper sticker that best fits them.

The movie is really about how divided religiously, even hostile, we are in America.  In several scenes he shows the conflict between homosexuals and Christians.  Later he shows a scene in which he confessions to homosexuals the sins of the church, and Christians in general, against homosexuals.

Have we sinned against sinners?  Is such possible?  Consider the following and how you would react if you were a homosexual.

  1. Jokes that demean or make fun of homosexuals.
  2. Someone calling Aids the gay plague.
  3. A man hold a sign, “God hates fags.”
  4. People who claim to be Christian mocking and abusing a homosexual.

My son pointed out to me sometime ago something about the way we treat homosexuals.  He said, “If we make fun of them, laugh at them, and demean them, can we expect a young person who is struggling with the issue to come talk to us about it?”

Recently our nation has enacted laws about hate speech.  This law can be interpreted to mean that to preach against homosexuality is a crime. Hate speech is punishable by imprisonment.  I think we have to preach that homosexuality is a sin even if it is outlawed. But consider something even more difficult than this legal issue: have we by our actions already turned off so many non-Christians, including homosexuals that it really doesn’t matter what we say, “They aren’t listening.”

By Joe Palmer

In my next blog I’ll share with you a few reasons why we are struggling to communicate, and why we are uncomfortable talking to homosexuals.



  1. Joe, Your comments are worthwhile and the remainder of your thoughts will be valuable, also! There are some sins that make it very difficult to separate the “sin from the sinner!” I believe homosexuality is just such a sin! God hates homosexuality, but loves homosexuals! Now, that doesn’t even sound right, does it? But, it is true! God hates sin, but loves sinners! I will interested in reading the remainder of your thoughts on this subject! Bill

  2. Jesus defines ALL sin as lack of love (Matthew 22:36-40). Name a sin and you should be able to identify an unloved victim (self or other). What is sinful about a couple in a homosexual love relationships? Neither is victim, neither is unloved. Where is the hurt? Who is the victim being sinned against? Neither the Gospel writers nor the Prophets mention same-gender sex as a sin. “Homosexual” was coined about 1865, so any translation using a form of that word is a lie that needs to be emended. The word didn’t premier in an English Bible until 1946, so you must check earlier translations to learn what heterosexual sin is condemned. If God didn’t want men to have sex with other men, He would have said “Man shall not lie with man PERIOD. That “…as with a woman” suffix condemns straight men (such as prisoners) pretending to make it “as with a woman”. Gay men know nothing about sex with women.

  3. Fred,

    Fred Fornication is a sin without an unloved victim and it is condemned. Fornication is two consenting adults having a sexual relationship who are not married. It includes homosexuality although it is more commonly heterosexual.

    The hurt is that it is an unlawful (under God’s law) act. The world homosexual isn’t the issue but we all understand what it means. Do you contend that it means something other than two men having sex.

    It is not a sin for two men to lie together in a friendship sense: camping trips, sleep overs, sharing a bed as friends. It is a sin for them to lie in the man of a man and a woman. I don’t think that is hard to understand.

    Keep studying for the truth.

  4. Joe,
    I agree that even if it is outlawed we must preech against it. I guess if we remember to “speak the truth in love” we will give our lawyers a good defense for us. I believe that if we could convince the judge or the sinner that we are doing it because we care about them, then we have better odds with both parties.

  5. Keep following Doug as that will be part of the focus of these lessons. How do we do that. Love getting your input.

  6. my wife and I have become friends with some gay couples through our children and it has been eye-opening.
    We haven’t changed our understanding of what the Bible says about right and wrong but we have learned about our own prejudices and things that are taught explicity or implicityly by anti-gay groups (which includes some churches) which are stereotypes.

    one gay friend was knitting a prayer shawl, another asked my wife for advice on tithing/giving where she goes to church.

    They are humans. many believe in Jesus and try to be good people. Many are in monogamous, committed relationships.
    None of this changes what the Bible says about sin, but it should change how we look at them, interact with them, and show God’s love them.

    good thoughts, joe

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