Posted by: Joe Palmer | July 22, 2010

I Still Miss Rose.

I Still Miss Rose

By Joe Palmer

I still miss Rose. As I looked at her pictures tonight I wondered why she had to leave us. I don’t presume that I can answer. But, I do miss her presence on this earth. This is amazing considering what we didn’t have in common.

• She wasn’t my daughter.
• I didn’t know her long.
• We weren’t close in age or interests.

But I still miss her. Why? Because she was a really incredible person. Rose was always doing good things. So many good things that it would take too much time if you didn’t know her to tell, and if you did then there is no need.

I miss her because of what she would have been. Rose was young and as wonderful as she was, I know it was only the beginning. I would have loved to have seen her at 50. The wisdom she would have gained. The influence she would have been.

The other reason I miss her is because I hurt for Justin. Justin is a good guy, a strong young man, and one who is striving to walk in faith. It hurts to see him hurt. It hurts to see him struggle.

Justin I am writing this for you. To let you know that we love you, Patty, Jordan, Chris, Lia, and Percy. To let you know that we all love Rose. We haven’t forgotten. We are all praying that you get stronger every day. That somehow your heart can heal.

I won’t presume to tell you how to do that. Sometimes I want to give you advice but I won’t. I know that we are all different and everyone’s pain is different. So for now I will lift you up in prayer and ask God to protect and bless you.

My prayer for you is to continue to be the man that Rose would want you to be. To live with the joy she lived. I know how hard you are trying to do that. I just pray with hundreds of others for God’s healing for all of you.

We Love You.




  1. Joe, these words echo how I feel as well.
    Justin, love you brother, keep up the good fight!

  2. DITTO….. with a CAPITAL ditto!

  3. Thank you. Michael and I feel the same. Justin, we are continuely praying for healing and strength and God’s love to envelope you.

  4. Thank you Joe

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