Posted by: Joe Palmer | December 20, 2010

I have a King by My Side

I am not just church member, I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

I was not merely baptized, I was born into the family of God.

I am not just going to church, I am entering into the throne room of the King. I am not here to gossip, to conduct business, or simply to make friends, but to worship the King of Kings and to praise His Son.

I don’t simply wear the name Christian, I am an heir of the inheritance of all in the family of God.

I am not just a follower, I am a subject of my king.

I don’t pay taxes, I give gifts to honor his worthy name.

I don’t pray to a God far off in the heavens, I speak with my heavenly father, the king of heaven and earth.

I don’t just volunteer to serve as needed, I am a soldier in the mighty army of God, which has never been defeated.

I don’t just heed his laws as convenient; I know that they are the words of a loving father, the laws of a beneficent king, the counsel of my creator. I will delight in his law.

I am not a citizen of the kingdom but my birth, I didn’t pass a test of citizenship, nor did I buy it with my own wealth, I was purchased by the blood of Christ, I was invited into his home, I was adopted into his family, and I will dwell with him for eternity.

I will not renounce my birthright, I will not deny my savior, I will not shirk my duty, I will leave my post, I will not rebel against my Lord,

Friends may oppose me, family may forsake me, the world won’t understand me, earthly treasure may not be mine but I am a son of God and a citizen of His Kingdom, and born into His family, who am I to fear? I have a king by my side.

Joe Palmer


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