Posted by: Joe Palmer | January 27, 2011

Almost Silenced

Almost Silenced

By Joe Palmer

The world almost never heard Celine Dion sing. Before we ever heard it, her golden voice was almost silenced in a terrifying way, but someone you wouldn’t expect.

According to Hello! Magazine, when Celine Dion’s mother was pregnant with Celine, her fourteenth child, she was “so shattered” she considered abortion. The priest who counseled her told her “she had no right to go against nature” and persuaded her not to abort. She carried Celine to term and loved her like the other thirteen. Celine says, “I have to admit that, in a way, I owe my life to that priest.” (The Mediator, Vol. 16, Issue 1)

Celine is only one of many children that we can read about that was almost aborted.  Just imagine we may have aborted future presidents.  We have deprived our world of great scientists and doctors.   We may have aborted the man or woman who found the cure for cancer. No one really knows what the ones we have killed could have done.

But perhaps even worse we have killed the soul of the women, whom we have convinced to go against their most basic instinct.  We have convinced women to abandon their greatest calling, and to abort babies so they could leave convenient lives.  Why is we love our mothers so much. It is because we know that they have given up so much just to love us.

Joe Palmer


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