Posted by: Joe Palmer | February 9, 2011

Love For a Lifetime

“Love for Lifetime” is a dynamic teaching series that will help you learn how to go from a broken heart, broken promises, and broken relationship to a love that lasts. These lessons are about much more than marriage they are about our relationship with everyone including God.


Love For a Lifetime

February 13th – Broken Promises – We have all felt the sting of betrayal.  That sting leaves us asking, “Is there really a “Love For a Lifetime?”

February 20th – Rethinking Love – We can’t find true love until we properly define it.  Few people use the word “love” in the same way that God defines it.  We need to “Rethink Love.”

February 27th – Love: That’s The Way You DO IT  – Is love just a song, a poem, some vows, or the words we say?  How do you really love someone?  Find out then DO IT.

March 6th – Beyond Comprehension – Only when we grasp the Love of God will we be able to give love the way God wants us to. His love is “Beyond Comprehension.”

March 13th – Loving Jesus Style – Take the most difficult relationship conflict you have and ask this question, “What would Jesus do?”  That is Loving Jesus Style.

March 20th – Love For a Lifetime  –  This kind of life means making a decision to love, love some more, and keep on loving.  When we learn to give this kind of love we will also find it. Make the decision to “Love For a Lifetime.”

Series Begins, February 13th at Niceville Church of Christ.


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