Posted by: Joe Palmer | February 15, 2011

Happy “SAD” Day

Happy “SAD” Day

By Joe Palmer


SAD stand for Singles Awareness Day.  People have designated unofficially either February 13, 14th, of 15th as Singles Awareness Day, because Valentines day makes singles so aware of their state.  Have recently been single I can recall the felling of aloneness felt as couples were gathering for their time together.   On the other hand I know that many singles are content in their singleness.

What concerns me the most is how to better connect singles to the Lord and to the church.  How do we do a better job making them a part of our fellowship times with couples. I remember when I was a single divorced man I was left out of most times when people gathered together.  One of my friends pointed out that in the church we are equal opportunity ignorers.  We ignore young singles.  We ignored the widowed singles.  We ignore the divorced singles.  We ignore them all.  I must say: “Guilty as charged.”

So what do we do?  I’d like to hear what you think.  I’d like to hear what your church is doing to minister to and connect singles to the larger body of Christians.  I’d more than anything like to hear from singles and get their input on how we can help.

Joe Palmer



  1. Yep, My son Caleb who is PA in Little Rock AR reminded me of this day, So I sent him $20 and told him to go get a good BBQ. But he is not single, he has a dog Xander, so can I get my $20 back?
    They need a “What Do You Need to be AWARE of Day?
    How about a Preacher needs to go fishing day

  2. I say he sends the $20 back.

  3. Joe you made me think a bit on “singles groups.” In the Omaha area within the church of Christ and the seven congregations I know a little about I can think of only one fairly small group of aroud fiften singles from two congregations. If they are active monthly I don’t hear about it. I too have observed that the group is made up of individuals over forty with most over fifty. During Bible Classes and Worship Services at the Sunny Slope congregation, the ones that are in their 20’s married or not tend to sit together and get together in one big group at the end of the Worship Services. I wonder if the younger “singles” and couples aren’t better at accepting each other then us older folks.

  4. Roy, A lot of churches just don’t have enough singles and the couples just forget about the ones they have so they fall away.

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