Posted by: Joe Palmer | February 21, 2011

Lammy and Me


Lammy and Me

By Donna Dungan

This is a follow-up to my article about “Are You a Hireling?” It was posted on my blog as a comment by Donna Dungan. I thought it was precious.  I hope you enjoy it.

While stationed in New Mexico, we lived in a small ranching village 20 miles south of Albuquerque. The village was on the edge of the Isleta Indian Reservation and near the Rio Grande River.

A member of the church in that village raised sheep and asked me to bottle feed a newborn lamb that needed special care. He brought the lamb to me and she stayed in our back yard with our golden retriever. During the period of time I fed her, Lammy grew to know my voice and would come running when I called her for her bottle. She also would get stuck behind the riding lawn mower time and time again and it was near impossible to get her unstuck. She also enjoyed running with our dog, Jasper. I returned her to her owner when she no longer needed her bottle and I went to check on her often. She always knew my voice even before she saw me. Her owner also informed me that she acted like a dog, not a sheep.

I learned a few things from raising Lammy.

  • She was really quite helpless and clueless.
  • She needed my constant care and rescuing.
  • She would repeatedly get herself into trouble that she had no idea how to get herself out of.
  • She often got stuck in the same spot.

I guess I am a lot like Lammy. If I don’t listen to the voice of my Shepard. I tend to get stuck. I remain clueless and need Him to rescue me often. His is the only voice that my heart answers to, and He is the One who loves me enough to leave the 99 and come after me…even me.

Donna Dungan



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