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Happy Holy Day











Happy Holy Day

By Joe Palmer

A Holiday is a day designated as having special significance for which individuals, a government, or a religious group have deemed that observance is warranted. It is generally an official or unofficial observance of religious, national, or cultural significance, often accompanied by celebrations or festivities.

The word holiday derived from the notion of “Holy Day”, and gradually evolved to its current form.  The word originally referred only to special religious days. In modern use, it means any special day of rest or relaxation, as opposed to normal days away from work or school.

The Hebrew word Holy means “set apart”  Holy days are days set apart for special purposes.  This idea exactly fits the idea of a Holiday today. Every holiday is set apart for some special purpose.

As a Christian there is only one Holy day and that is Sunday, the Lord’s day.

  • Sunday is the day the Lord rose. (John 20:1)
  • It is the day that early Christians observed the Lord’s supper. (Acts 20:7, I Cor. 16:2)
  • It is not the only day we can worship but it is a special day because we remember the Lord as he commanded us to. (I Cor. 11:25)

So what do we do with our earthly traditions and holidays? Let’s look at what the Bible says.  “One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord; and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it.”  (Romans 14:5–6 NKJV)  Colossians 2:16 tells us not to let others judge us in regards to holidays.

Does that mean we should celebrate every holiday? No.  We need to consider what the holiday stands for.  Many Christians object to the entire idea of Halloween since it is associated with many evil ideas.  Others change they way they celebrate it and avoid the negative imagery.  Holidays are in many respects traditions, and traditions and their meanings change.

As we are in the midst of this holiday season there is still confusion about Christmas. There are some legtimate concerns about Christmas.

  • Some of the imagery of Christmas is pagan, like Christmas trees.
  • Some of it comes from other religions.  The very name came from the Catholic church.
  • Other parts of it are just fanciful stories, like reindeer, elves, and the north pole.

I honestly understand why some Christians objet to these holidays and how others enjoy them. The meaning of things like a Christmas tree have changed. I urge you to follow what the Bible says and not judge other people.

One thing that we can all do is to keep Sunday a Holy day.  While some churches are canceling worship on the Lord’s day it seems that the most appropriate thing to do on a day that is meant to celebrate the birth of Christ is to worship him on the day, and in the way he prescribed.  A Holy Day, a day set apart for a special purpose should not be set aside for our own personal pleasure.  If it is truly holy then we should remember and keep it holy.  Sunday, December 25th, 2011 is Christmas but most importantly, it is the Lord’s Day.

Joe Palmer

Joe Palmer



  1. Excellent thoughts, brother! I couldn’t agree more!

    • Thanks Wes.

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