Posted by: Joe Palmer | July 23, 2012

Cafe Risque and a Beauty Pageant

Cafe Risque and A Beauty Pageant

ImageAs I was checking out of the Rosen Centre a group of girls were checking into some sort of a program for girls in beauty pageants.  Then as we were driving down the road toward Gainesville I saw several billboards for a club called “Cafe Risque.”  Now you may be wondering what is the connection between the two.

One advertised “We Bare All” the other stops just short of baring all.   Both teach the value of a woman is how they look.  They also send the message either overtly, or covertly that sexuality reigns.

Now I am not against beauty, sex, or women.  But as a man I can tell you that our women are getting the wrong message, and they are also sending the wrong message.  Moms wether you know it or not you are helping your little girls send that message by entering them in these beauty pageants. I know the little girls ones seem innocent and I will admit there is nothing directly offensive about most of them.  I am not saying that any mom, or little girl who has been in a beauty pageant is going to hell. But I want the little girls out there to know they are beautiful when they shine with the beauty of a woman professing Godliness, not because they fit some human definition of beauty.

Women you don’t have to be in a strip club or in a beauty pageant to be advertising your sexuality.  As a man I can tell you that we have a hard enough time keeping our focus on your heart without you advertising all the fringe benefits before it is time.  My wife is beautiful, but she is far more beautiful on the inside than on the outside.   She truly displays what Peter wrote about: “Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel— rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.”  (1 Peter 3:3–4 NKJV)

So many women end up heartbroken because they advertised their outward beauty and then find out that is what their man fell for.  Wake up ladies.  Get rid of your bikinis, short shorts, cleavage revealing tops and anything which screams “Look at me.”  If you don’t know what your clothes communicates ask a Godly man you trust to share his opinion of a few outfits.  You might be surprised what a honest man would tell you.

Wake up Dads, and husbands.  Tell your wives and daughter that their beauty is on the inside, not just the outside. Encourage your wife to dress Godly. In fact insist on it.  If they don’t understand why explain to them clearly that you don’t want them to be viewed as an object.

Wake up men, especially young men.  We need to do more than just get rid of porn in our lives. We need to boycott movies with strong sexual content.  We need ban “The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue from our presence.  We need to rid our surroundings of things the promote women based on their sexuality. Things which you and I know create lust in our hearts.

I know attraction is important but don’t sell you soul, your family, and your children by looking for a girl with the right measurements, but who doesn’t measure up spiritually.  I know lots of men and women who say they want a Godly spouse but they are still looking at the outside and ignoring the inside.

The way we dress outwardly says a lot about us.  It says how we view ourselves. It tells us who we are trying to attract.  It signifies what image we want to project.  Dressing modestly is not gender neutral, and it is not just about how much skin is showing.  It is really a sign of our spiritual values.

Joe Palmer



  1. Well said, Joe. I honestly dont think some women understand the effect skimpy or revealing clothing can have on some of us guys. It can definately cause me to stumble.

  2. Thanks for the honesty Billy. It can all of us I think.

  3. Joe, thanks for telling it like it is. There is so much more to “raising a beauty” than hair, clothes (or skin showing), & makeup. It takes a lot of genuine love & real courage to say what needs to be said instead of what parents & grandparents want to hear. Pride & bragging rights seem to motivate us in the wrong direction so many times. We need more Vashtis!

  4. Thanks Mike.

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