Posted by: Joe Palmer | January 9, 2013

90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge

By Joe Palmer

Many of you know that I am on the “Body By Vi 90 day Challenge.”   Recently I picked up a book recommended by someone in my organization called the “10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. Grant talks about taking thing to a higher level of commitment.  That our goals are too small.  

I like big goals.  I like taking on the impossible dream.  So I decided to apply this not just to my business, but to my spiritual life as well.  I decided to start a 90 Day Challenge to read the Bible.    A lot people this time of the year decide to read the Bible in a year.  So I wanted to challenge myself to read the Bible in 90 days.  Get your schedule here.  Schedule 


This year I am preaching on “Better Every Day”.  The first quarter of the year I am peaching on “A Better Me.”  I wanted to challenge myself to grow spiritually. I want my spiritual goals to meet and exceed my personal goals, or business goals.  I want to be a success, but I want my success to be founded on God.  

I wanted to invite you to join me on a 90 day spiritual challenge.  You can make yours the same as mine or anything different. Maybe you want to pray for a set amount of time every day. Maybe you want to lead 10 souls to Jesus.  Maybe you want to start a Bible study group.  I’d love to here your spiritual challenge goals.  Please join me and share them below.

Joe Palmer


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